Rehab Skater is the reflection of the Highlight in the career of a young skater in which he must decide whether to feed himself healthy or follow the path of darkness. From this difficult decision will depend on the final result, which will be a healthy face or completely destroyed by the excesses. Only you have the choice to make the final mutation.

Rehab Skater is a platformer adventure 2D video game set in the disfigured modern world that evokes healthy life and sport, in which you can perform your favorite skateboarding tricks and kick through fascinating and unthinkable locations. For this you will have the control of Nasty Boy, a young visionary with desires for freedom and unlimited fun.
But it will not be so easy, the levels are plagued with the Piranha´s gang members and on the other side your conscience will not leave you a second in peace.

-Kick and push on unthinkable and bizarre worlds with unprecedented art.
-Perform your favorite tricks and combine them to achieve the best combos.
-The Piranha and his gang will not stop attacking you in the sessions.
-Faster! longer! Means more points!
-Special stages with on-line leaderboards for prizes in art and skate products.
-All merchandise, from stuffed creatures and clothing to skate products can be found only in the Nuxstore.
-State of the art soundtrack.